Dr. Erik Beune
Project Investigator
Amsterdam University Medical Centres, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr. Erik Beune is an Assistant Professor at Amsterdam University Medical Center, University of Amsterdam. He has a background in Interdisciplinary Social Science and in Physiotherapy.

He received his PhD from Amsterdam University Medical Center at the Department of General Practice on Culturally Appropriate Care, in particular: Hypertension care among African origin populations in the Netherlands.

His research focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of culturally sensitive interventions (e.g. physical activity, obesity prevention, adherence to treatment recommendations) into public health and primary care, for disadvantaged groups in multi-cultural settings. Mixed methods and community based participatory research designs are main methods used. He was the project coordinator of several EU funded studies ((pros)-RODAM, EuroDHYAN).

He is involved in training of medical students about socioeconomic inequalities and diversity and has been responsible several years for the Internationalization of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Amsterdam.